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The power of words is immense.

Not long ago I shared a blog on the Power of Words.  Within that, I wrote about the words JUST and ONLY and the limitations that they can set on you. To visit that blog CLICK HERE.

I had the opportunity to listen to a motivational message from a new super trainer and the impact that two little words have on you and your outlook every day.


Take the phrase ‘I AM” that most people use many times daily. You make statements to others and  yourself all the time that include “I am” in those conversations. You may even write the words out. Hidden danger and power lies within the phrase that most people are not aware of as you go through your days.

I AM Tired…. Tell the world that you are tired and tired is what you are all day.

I AM Overweight…. That message is the message you are sending out.  Is that what you want?

Do you understand the pattern here?

I AM Powerful                                                                                  I AM Smart

I AM Focused                                                                                   I AM Funny

I AM Strong                                                                                     I AM Worthy

I AM Beautiful                                                                                 I AM Blessed

I AM Determined                                                                            I AM Amazing

Send the positive message out to the world so that that information surrounds you and you become what you say!

An Experiment

To understand more about self-talk and how it can affect communication try this experiment.

(My VIP group does this, so that is a peek into how we work on empowerment).

Come up with a positive “I AM” phrase about yourself or use one of mine above if it speaks to you. Say that phrase to yourself each morning before leaving the house. Try this for 5 straight days.  At the end of each day, write down in a log a brief statement about how your day was and if that positive start and phrase helped you throughout the day.

Are you willing to take a step to change the way you use these words?

Your Self-Concept and Change


We self-impose distortions on ourselves. Change is good and possible.

Embrace a positive self-image and improve your self-concept.

I am strong, smart, courageous, helpful, and kind.  That is my positive affirmation.


Know Your Mountain!

I truly believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. Honestly, I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. I, in turn, work hard to be there for others.

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