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Welcome to Coach Doc Cindy

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I am thrilled to share my journey with you and I hope to inspire you.

I have a great family with 2 college aged girls.  I am a health and fitness coach and I am a college professor. I believe in empowering learners by engaging them in their learning and helping them determine their goals and I work to expand learning opportunities. I also believe in empowering the people that I coach and the members of my team. I am here to Empower your path!


More About Me

I have spent the last 20 years being involved in my daughter’s lives by exposing them to as many experiences as possible. I have been a Girl Scout Leader, a 4-H leader, a catechist aide, a chauffeur, a softball coach, a volleyball coach, a cheer mom and a dance mom. I have seen my children go from little babies to grown and the time has gone by very quickly.

Fitness was not new to me. I had been active my whole life. During one of the years of coaching softball and volleyball I was challenged by a neighbor to do P90X and I accepted. I had no coach and lots of questions but I did the workouts and somewhat followed the eating. I could have done better with support. I made it 10 weeks of the 13 week program before I pulled a muscle and had to stop. The problem was that I neglected to start up again. And so time went on.

In fact, 20 years of being a mom went by without me realizing that I was aging. I was active with my kids, but one day after my firstborn headed to college I looked in the mirror and saw a much older person looking back at me. Where had the time gone? How could this have happened? I knew I needed to do something. I needed to find me again and I was going to get healthier and stronger in the process. I needed to learn the best way to do this. I was a research professor. I could find what I needed to do! At least I could get a good lead.

In early 2014 there was a new program being launched. Finally 21 day fix going to be available. I didn’t know much about 21 day fix or Autumn Calabrese, but I was willing to try. I had a friend who was a Beachbody coach then, so I bought from her. When it arrived I was frightened. How could I change how I ate if I was the only one in the house doing this? How could I learn this with everything I had to be doing with school? Change is not always easy for me. I set it aside.

Eventually I grabbed the book that came with the program and started to read. I was overthinking that this would be massively complicated. All I needed to do was determine the foods I could have and there were not only shopping lists but recipes in the book too! I had a bag on Shakeology and I was ready to try it. I determined how to use the portion control by using the containers and I blocked off 21 days to do my first round. The rest is history. I worked my way through the first 21 days and reported into a challenge group of people doing the same thing. Then I decided to keep going. I also immediately signed up to help other people learn this. Coaching was not new to me. I knew I could be a supporter and motivator and that I could empower people to find their path to health, fitness and knowledge of what they were doing.

After 3 rounds I saw a whole different person in the mirror. I was back at my high school weight and felt amazing. People started making comments. They thought I had been at the gym. I was working out literally 30 minutes a day at home. Who can’t find 30 minutes? I was able to do it so I knew other people could. I was getting the opportunity to help others and I loved it. ANYONE can do this!

That was how it started. Over time I have completed P90x, 21 Day Fix (several rounds), 21 Day Fix Extreme (several rounds), Les Mills Combat (a full completion of all 3 levels), Piyo, Cize, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, T25, and 22min Hard Corps. I have experience with these and even more that are available on Beachbody on Demand now.

My goal is to empower people on their path by giving them the most information I can so we choose the correct program. I work with them and stay connected through the whole process. I help people see the opportunity I have in coaching and I am working to build a Wolfpack of people that want to help other people while they help themselves.

If I can empower ONE person each day then I can impact the people around them also. Empowering people by helping them when they decide it is time to change and asking them to commit to a program while being there with them the whole way is a path to success.

I am ready. Are you?


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