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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Weekend doccindy

Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Weekend

Saturday & Sunday

My motto:

My Workouts

Day 6 Saturday

Resistance 3

5 moves with 22 seconds break between rounds but fast paced resistance work. Very fast paced.

Pump Jumpers 25,20,15, Split Lunge Thrust 20,25,30, Arm Balance Row with 8 lbs 16,14,12, Mountain Squats with my 20 lb sandbag 7 each side, 9 each side, 10 each side, Scissor Clapper 50, 40, 30

Resistance 1

5 moves with 22 seconds break time between each of the rounds.

Push up 25,20,15, Squat Press 15,20,25, Pull up 15,12,8. Chopper lunge 14,18,20, Sit up Punch 30,25,20

Bonus round!

9 Fast feet burpee push ups

Day 7 Sunday

Cardio 3

7 exercises, 3 rounds, and no breaks between rounds.

Spider Crawls 15,12,10, Skip Flys 30,40,50,  Cross Climbers 40.35,30,  Fast Feet Up Downs 8, 12,15, Sphinx Kickers 30,25,20, Knee Drop Lunges10,15,20, Spin Burpees 20,15,12

Core 2

V Ups, Chop Twists with 20 lb sandbag, Boda Crunch Twist, Scissor Slicer, Cobra Crunch, Kick Twist, Rock the Boat, Plank Roll, Flutter Kicks, Belly, Side, Plank.

Cardio 1

22 seconds breaks between rounds

T Jacks 50, 40, 30 ,  Bear Crawl 20, 25, 30, Side Lateral Shuffle 30, 25, 20, Forward Lunge Twist 10, 16, 20, Basic Burpee 25, 20, 15, A skips 30, 40, 50 , Run Lunge Squat 30, 40, 50.

My Supplements Without Fail

Energize before every workout.

Recover always after my first workout.

Recharge definitely before bed.

My Food

Breakfast:  Yes- Oatmeal both days and why change up a good thing?

Snack: I do snack on peanuts quite often.

Lunch:  Lately I do end up having my chocolate Shakeology with PB2. Either was I would not skip having it for anything. It has changed the way I feel. I do not crave food; I no longer have the blinding migraine headaches, all the vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods that I need are in it. This is amazing because I can’t take actual vitamins and I never could.

Snack: Who doesn’t love having two snacks in the day that are actually required!

Dinner: That I can share with you!

Saturday   Salmon and you can get the recipe here! 

Sunday Steak Tacos and you can get the recipe here.

Water: Always a priority! I am always getting my hydration on.

My Reflection on the week

Know Your Mountain!

Truly I believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. In turn, I work hard to be there for others. This is an open invitation so we can talk.


Results are in and the challenge is done! 63 days
There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.
I am feeling strong, feeling accomplished, am happy. Toning is my goal.
I work to complete what I start and work to be better.
Task completed.
New goals are set now.
You can get there if you start.

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