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Finding Me Again 4 You Define You

You Define You

Defining yourself is to know you.

Having strong self-knowledge is a skill to help you define yourself. You need to know how you tick and understand your way of thinking prior to defining yourself.

There are times when you need to step inside you and figure out who you are along with celebrating your worth. There are situations that will test you and you have to reach inside and pull out you when you feel like crawling in the woodwork.  In fact, I had that day !


I moved myself into a better frame of reference for my night, but I had to work on it. The next morning it hit me again. I realized that needed to remember who I was and stand in my power. Some areas that help with the process are listed below.


Mindfulness is a method of paying attention to yourself and what you are thinking. This is the process of being in the moment and understanding how you feel without passing judgment on yourself. Listen to your own mind and know that the removal of negatives is needed.The goal is to control your mind and increase the positives.

How do you identify yourself?

Pay attention to your thoughts about yourself and about the world you have. Your identity is created by labeling the groups and communities see yourself in and acknowledge as yours.

Society as a whole impacts you. This includes things like your geography, economy, religion, nationality, employment, sexual identity, and your roles in life.


Self-reflection is discussed more in my Blog.

Journal your thought processes and how you define you.

Catching your thoughts throughout the day will help you celebrate your own understanding of you and bring into view the positive and negatives in your daily activities. The ability to see how you consider yourself is beneficial to define yourself.

Journaling is discussed in more detail in my Journaling Blog.

Define yourself in positive ways.

Positive thoughts, positive mind, positive attitude, positive life.

Carry your positives and learn from every experience. Positive emotions are a vital component to seeing yourself in the best way.

Carry around a list of positive affirmations that will move into your mind as motivation and positivity that carries throughout the day.

Positive affirmations are amazing to me and I go into detail on my Affirmation blog from the Miracle Morning series.

Define you and stand in your power!

Try this! Want a challenge? Try the Love Yourself Challenge 

Every day I work to challenge myself, but some days are more challenging than others


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