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Defying Age

“You should not be working out at your age!”

A message that came to me was that I should not be working out and that I should act my age and understand how old I am right now. I am facing the day and ready to respond.

I say Defy Age!


If elderly people had an active lifetime of physical activity experience, they are more likely to be independent and not as dependent after the age of 65. Research concluded that differences and inconsistencies in health related issues in life follow a person into the very eldest of twilight years. Often people have their own ailments in elder years, but it is extremely imperative to stay as physically active as possible. “Physical activity is one of the most important health behaviors associated with the prevention and management of chronic diseases in older adults, but this potential is often insufficiently used” (Wurm, Tomasik, & Tesch-Römer, 2010, p. 25).

My Take on It

Age should not be what defines you. Your activity level should be increased so that you are not in a state of despair when you are older. You want to be able to be around for a long time. Activity levels do not have to be as intense as I go. The choice to go to more extreme in workouts is not for everyone. It is what I want, and I am doing. I control my path.

As A Coach

When I work with other people that are older, I help them determine what works for them. Flexibility and mobility is an issue for many. We work on getting movement in for them on a daily basis. Some of my people are doing dance programs like YouV2 or Country Heat. Other more senior people have chosen to do great things like Piyo or Yoga or Tai Cheng. When they build of strength, then we take another step and increase movement. For many, this is the first trip to being in shape. They realize they let it go a long time ago. I am with the whole way.

Other Fitness

There are plenty of other ways to get in some fitness.  Walking, running, or hiking is good for your legs and heart, and using a tracking device will actually increase your steps. Swimming is a great alternative for getting in some physical fitness. What about sports like tennis or golf that you used to love? If we can get you up to a more active fitness level then enjoying those sports will be easier for you.


It takes some work. It is possible. Remember that age does not define you. Your legacy can still be changed. It is a good time. I changed mine. I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure is more under control, and I feel amazing. The reality is that I may have thought everything was okay before I started on my health, fitness, and wellness journey, but it really was not. I stand in my power now. People may try and pull me down with comments about my age or fitness, but I am stronger than I was and I know in my heart that I have made the right choice to change and that my work to empower other people has brought a transformation in both myself and them.

Exercise Now!

Every day you can be stronger. Every day you can make a change. I did, and I can help you.

Know Your Mountain!

I truly believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. Honestly, I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. I, in turn, work hard to be there for others.

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