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Sexy Strong Arms Workout

Arm Workout


This is a monthly challenge of arm work that will give you the sexy arms that you always wanted. I created this for a great group and they all had fun and could feel results happening, so it is time to bring it out to everyone.

Sexy Strong Arms

Your arms having strength is a goal of many woman. Strong sexy arms that looks great in outfits that have open shoulders or short sleeves. How can we get this workout in while still dealing with day to day balancing acts of work, kids, and the house?

Just 6 moves a day can start your path

In a series of 6 moves done twice a day for 30 days I had a group of 30 women working on this at home. They loved this, so here you all go so you can try it at your home or anywhere! No equipment is needed for these exercises and they work shoulders, core, arm, and back muscles.

Fly Press

Start with your arms in the first position you see here. Slowly engage muscles and move to bring elbows and forearms together and then reach straight up.
Repeat 10X

Windshield Wiper

Follow my lead here by crossing your wrists and then swinging them up in a wide circle and cross your wrists again.
Do better with your wrists than I did in the pic.. I rushed to take the pic!
Repeat 10X

Shot Lever

Follow my lead here too.
Try and keep your arms in place.
Rotate back to starting position.
Repeat 10X

Triceps Kickback

Feet hip-width distance apart. Bring one knee back and bend in both knees with torso titled forward. Squeeze your arms and shoulder blades with elbows glued to your sides. Reach your arms back parallel to the floor with your hands clinched and pulse back and forth 10 times.


Hold arms straight out pulse. 20X in each hand position.
There are four. Palms up, palms down, palms forward and palms . Pulse no more than 1-2 inches.

Arm Circles

20 wide circles forward and 20 wide circles backward.

I even picked up the game with some movement on my arm circles and showed everyone.

Here was Day 1

This is my message to my group on the first day! Peek inside!

More Challenges

And then I threw in some Twists to keep the month going and add to the workout !

Twist 1


Twist 2


Every day you can be stronger. Every day you can make a change.

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Know Your Mountain!

I truly believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. Honestly I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. I, in turn, work hard to be there for others.

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