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Water my new friend!


Hydration and water intake has become a standard in my day, week, and month. To be most honest, it never really was before. People are encouraged to have eight 8 ounces glasses each day of water.  This is considered a normal thing. It could not be more out of the normal for most people.

What’s to know about Water?

Humans can go a very long time without eating food, but the body will go into dehydration without water consumption.  Water makes us 60% or more of your body weight.  In fact, water is 75% of your brain. Hydration is imperative to your overall health.  Dehydration is a condition you want to avoid.

Health Benefits of Water

These are my 10 ten benefits of water.  I have put them on a picture so that you can download it and share it with everyone.

  1. It regulates your body temperature
  2. It protects your heart
  3. It helps you burn fat
  4. It helps your skin look young
  5. It decreases fatigue
  6. It prevents constipation
  7. It aids in controlling calorie intake
  8. It flushes toxins
  9. It is a natural headache remedy
  10. It lubricates your muscles and joints

There are many more things that water does for your body. Doesn’t something pop out for you within this list? It sure does for me.

Water Challenge

Are you up to a challenge? Can you set the goal of drinking our water every day for 30 days?  This is a good of a place to start and it will make a big change on your once you get used to doing it. The key is to always have water with you. Have a glass right when you wake in the morning to get your juices flowing. Then always have water with every meal too. The water bottle should always be with you. This is water and nothing but water.  Ready? Here is a water tracker you can print and have with you!

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