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Time Crunch

The Miracle Morning routine that I have been telling you about and encouraging you to try is a process that takes 60 minutes in the morning. That time then is spent promoting a positive habit change that brings in the components of silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing. One hour each morning, but what if you are saying you don’t think you have an hour? What if your day is already feeling like you are in a major time crunch?

Do We Have Time?

Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. The Law means that if you give yourself a week to complete a two-hour task, then (psychologically speaking) the task will increase in complexity and become more daunting so as to fill that week. It may not even fill the extra time with more work, but just stress and tension about having to get it done. By assigning the right amount of time to a task, we gain back more time, and the work will reduce in complexity to its natural state.

It works because people give tasks longer than they need, sometimes because they want some ‘leg room’ or buffer, but usually because they have an exaggerated idea of how long the task takes to complete. People don’t become acutely aware of how quickly some tasks can be completed until they test this principle.

I teach this and more in my Time Management training that you can take with me.

How do we spend our time?

Yes, I was excited to give your these statistics. Does it surprise you that we spend so much time doing any of these things?

The 6 Minute Miracle Morning

Are you busy? Me too! This shorter accelerated process can work when needed! Take a minute to do each part of the Miracle Morning. Begin with a strong minute or silence. Followed with a minute of powerful affirmations to lift you and then bring in those visualizations to complete that part. Next use your pen and paper and write out what you are thankful for with gratitude. Take the time to read a page or two of a good self-development book. Finally, get your heart rate up for a minute with running in place or squats or push ups.

You can do the short versions when you are pressed for time and still set yourself up for success. Figure out if you are busy or are just filling time in your day.

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