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Reading: The 5th part of the Miracle Morning Process

Reading is the fifth practice in the Miracle Morning routine.  Elrod maintained that reading “is the fast track to transforming any part of your life (2016, p. 77).  Look to read from experts to change your life. Simply reading the latest Romance novel is fun, but this process challenges you to gain knowledge through reading daily.

Are you reading for information or are you reading for understanding?


There are differences in reading for information and reading for understanding. You are looking for reading within the Miracle Morning to gain knowledge and apply that into your life. Reading in the morning process is reading to empower yourself!

What are the Benefits of Reading?

There is nothing better than having a book in your hand and settling in to read. Diving into a book can have an impact on your health and happiness.  There are reasons to read. Here are my top 4!

  1. Reading increases intelligence.

Dr. Seuss has a famous quote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Plunging into a good book , even at a very young age, unlocks  a wealth of knowledge. Your vocabulary and reading levels can increase with reading which can aid in higher intelligence.

  1. Brain Power Boost

Reading is exercise for your brain.  You work out daily with exercise that benefits your body.  Consider your reading as a workout for your brain. You keep your brain in function mode. Exercise your brain daily!


  1. Reading can Help you Understand Yourself and Others

A book is a vehicle to understanding more about you and how you think. This in turn helps you understand others.  Understanding others is crucial to having and maintaining friendships and social engagement.


  1. Reading can become a Habit

Escape into a good book. Some books have the potential to bring you to the point that you can’t put it down. Enrich your life with books for all topics.

My Books

I have to admit that I have a lot of books. I have school books from my classes that I have taken and books from the classes that I teach also. Shelves of books on personal development and business topics are in my office. Cluttered in my cabinets are my favorite full series books of titles like Harry Potter or Kingdom Keepers which are pure enjoyment. My pride and joy is my Star Trek collection of books. Now did I surprise anyone?

Reading in your Miracle Morning routine is for 20 minutes every day. This is done after you complete the Silence, the Affirmation, the Visualization, and the exercise portions. These steps combine with the upcoming step to complete the process you will use in the morning.

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