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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 2 doccindy


Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 2

My motto today!

I knew what was coming. I knew it was going to be intense to do both of my workouts. Today I was challenged with weights, pull-ups, and push-ups. The two resistance workouts are a change from the cardio, although they feel like they have cardio tendencies because your heart rate kicks up.

The Day Began Like This!

I knew what was coming so I put my game face on!


Resistance 1

5 moves with 22 seconds break time between each of the rounds.

Push up 25,20,15, Squat Press 15,20,25, Pull up 15,12,8. Chopper lunge 14,18,20, Sit up Punch 30,25,20

Bonus round! We love bonus rounds!

9 Fast feet burpee push up

Chopper Twists with 8 lbs today

Crunch Punch or Sit Up Punch – you decide!

Resistance 3

Pump Jumpers 25,20,15, Split Lunge Thrust 20,25,30, Arm Balance Row 16,14,12, Mountain Squats 7 each side, 9 each side, 10 each side, Scissor Clapper 50, 40, 30

Each workout does have a short warm up and cool down section. On days that you are completely in need of a warm up, there is a Cold Start available to do that gets the blood pumping.

My Supplements today

Energize before each workout

Recover after Resistance 1

Recharge before bed

I will share some insight into my supplements and why I use them soon. Also, I will explain more about what each of them do for me.

My Food

Breakfast today Steel cut oats with a dash of cinnamon and splash of honey. Blackberries and a banana (yes again!) with 2 hard boiled eggs.

Snack Peanuts

Lunch Chocolate Shakeology with PB 2

Snack Peanut Butter and Raspberry preserves on multigrain flat bread with flax.

Dinner Turkey Chili and YUM!!! Who wants this fabulous recipe? Ask me for it!


My reflection on Day 2

I have very unyielding feelings about the concept of Know Your Mountain.  The people you know and your experiences build your mountain. Pull in those people that are strong for you. Find your tribe. Venture into my wolfpack where we are all working to be better in who we are and all that we do.

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