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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 3 doccindy


 Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 3

My Motto today!

My Reflection on Day 3!

For me setting goals and having aspirations goes along with my quest to be a better person. Working hard toward these challenges like Hell Week factor into my self-esteem, my self-image, and my self-ideal.  I work best when I am consistent. It makes me feel good about myself.  I also want to push for my goals that I share with other people to encourage them to continue on their journey.  It is a matter of discipline and willpower.

I believe in the power of positive affirmations.  I CAN!

My Day!

Cardio 1

T Jacks 50, 40, 30 ,  Bear Crawl 20, 25, 30, Side Lateral Shuffle 30, 25, 20, Forward Lunge Twist 10, 16, 20, Basic Burpee 25, 20, 15, A skips 30, 40, 50 , Run Lunge Squat 30, 40, 50.

22 seconds brakes between rounds helped. I did water with the whole workout.

Bonus Round 22 Bear Crawls and 22 burpees at the end!

Core 2 is Core 1 times 2.  There are now 22 reps.

V Ups, Chop Twists with 20 lb sandbag, Boda Crunch Twist, Scissor Slicer, Cobra Crunch, Kick Twist, Rock the Boat, Plank Roll, Flutter Kicks, Belly, Side, Plank.

Cardio 3

7 exercises 3 rounds

Spider Crawls 15,12,10, Skip Flys 30,40,50,  Cross Climbers 40.35,30,  Fast Feet Up Downs 8, 12,15, Sphinx Kickers 30,25,20, Knee Drop Lunges10,15,20, Spin Burpees 20,15,12

There is a little bonus that you get in Cardio 3. That happens to be no breaks, and the workouts and rounds just keep going, so you do your best to be on task throughout the whole 22 minutes.

Here is one of my favorite moves T Jacks!

My Supplements

Energize before each Cardio Workout

Recover after Cardio 1

Recharge before bed

My Food

Breakfast  Steel Cut Oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and splash of honey and a banana

Snack peanuts and some Greek Yogurt

Lunch  Chocolate Shakeology with PB2 (made with my great Ninja blender!)

Snack Peanut Butter on an apple (yummy)

Dinner Turkey with quinoa mushrooms and onions and a spinach salad.

The salad did not make it into the picture!


Why do I Push Play?

I have given you a glimpse of what one of my messages looks like in my secret group.

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