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Why Yoga? My Why

You might be thinking why is Cindy talking about doing a yoga group and why was she in that infomercial?

Long story alert…

Here is how this all started.
I am a HIIT girl. That means when I workout I do High-Intensive Interval Training. Quick blasts of full-out work. I also do a lot of MMA and weight work. So how did that yoga stuff come into play if this is not my normal?
On the advice and request of my super trainer Joel Freeman.

I was challenged to include work in 3 week yoga retreat. I resisted, I hesitated, but I sucked it up and did it and OH MY WORD.

Never would I have guessed that waking up and getting some stretching and working flexibility and mobility would be so powerful. I had repeatedly been doing some cardio that jammed my muscles and joints right away in the day. This yoga thing was better than I wanted to admit. It was so much better because it gave me time to center myself and be in the moment. It made me more mindful of myself and my place in life that I became more confident and empowered. And in doing that, I had real results that caught the eye of Beachbody. No not significant weight loss for me, but I have friends that did. They liked the strength difference, and they were interested in the empowerment that I felt. They put me in their infomercial.

This is how it began. The reason why I want to share it. That is why I am giving my time and this opportunity to people that want to find that change they have been searching for this whole time.
This is my reality!

Know Your Mountain

I truly believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. Honestly, I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. I, in turn, work hard to be there for others.

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