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Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

For many years when you thought about pumpkins the everyday things that would pop up would be fall, Halloween, and pumpkin patch fun. If you asked about pumpkin recipes, many people would name pumpkin pie or pumpkin seeds.

The recent coffee craze has brought pumpkin flavor and pumpkin spice into vocabularies and wish lists for a lot of people in the late summers/ early fall times of the year. People look forward to it.

You do not have to wait for only the fall season to have them. There are many great recipes to have throughout the year that showcase pumpkin as the star of the dish.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Here is a breakfast idea for everyday or that special brunch. Surprise the family with something different.

Chicken Baked with Pumpkin

How about a quick, easy, tasty dinner that has beautiful color for you to try? Pumpkin is an excellent addition to this chicken dish.

Pumpkin Quesadilla

How about a change in your quesadilla? Try this no meat option that gives your meal an extra special twist and is healthy!

Pumpkin Pizza with Kale

A different take on pizza plays with roasted pumpkin as the star. You can use canned or fresh pumpkin in your recipe and change up your pizza with this vegetarian pizza option.

Pumpkin Risotto

A healthy alternative to traditional risotto, using pumpkin with brown rice it lightens up this great dish.

 Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry

Curry Fan? How about a healthy burst of curry with pumpkin in this quick fix dinner idea!

Pumpkin Bread

You have had banana bread and maybe zucchini bread, but how about pumpkin bread? Why not!

Pumpkin brings a flavor and is often forgotten about when planning meals. All varieties of pumpkins are edible. What pumpkin recipe are you making first?

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