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The Full Miracle Morning Process

Up to this point, I have introduced each practice in the Miracle Morning routine. The process is a well-rounded positive packed list to be completed daily.  Six different things that are great individually, but combined hold a path to empowerment and change. You deserve the chance to start your days in a way that will empower you and work to transform your day, week, month, and year. Heck, let’s go ahead and say empower your whole life!

Let’s Review the List

I have placed links to each individual blog for you.


Purposeful silence is silence that engages you. Silence  done in a mindful way is beneficial. Make this count. Make this mean something to you. Don’t do it just to do it.


Positive affirmations are considered a very powerful method to use in changing your life. Change your mindset by introducing positive thinking and positive affirmation like many famous successful people have already done.  Feel your affirmations and let the emotions flow to increase the intensity.


Generating positive results through pictures in your mind or in front of you on a vision board is visualization. Those same famous successful people doing affirmations are also doing visualization. When you combine these two procedures each day you are setting up an amazing way to enrich your mind and generate positive change.


Morning exercise is a game changer for your day. Morning fitness gets your lungs filled with oxygen and your heart pumping and blood flowing. Your body gets the multiple benefits throughout the day and when completed daily your health will ultimately show improvement.


Knowledge is power.  Reading can enhance you and your life. Books are considered by many to be an impactful way to promote change. Find a book that challenges you to learn something important that will improve you.


Writing is a manner that we can practice reflective perspectives on our lives. We can plot our goals and dreams in a journal, or we can show gratitude and thanks for what we have now.  The pen is mighty.

How Long Is This?

The process components each have a suggested length of time to complete them.

Silence: 5 minutes

Affirmations: 5 minutes

Visualization: 5 minutes

Exercise: 20 minutes (yes 20!)

Reading: 20 minutes

Scribing; 5 minutes

The Miracle Morning routine is for 30 days. You practice this process daily without skipping steps. The satisfaction will be yours when you complete this goal.

Do you have the Miracle Morning Book yet?

Miracle Morning is available at Amazon

I have found it very helpful to have the book handy throughout the journey.

Here are some tips from my Miracle Morning experience.

Your Miracle Morning routine is for 60 minutes every day. This is done immediately after you wake up. These steps combine to complete the process you will use in the morning. Are you ready to transform?


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