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The Magical Properties of Tea

When you hear the word tea, you may think of hot steaming cups, cool nights, and BBC television. But some teas can help you with weight loss.  A little-known secret is the magical property of these teas to reduce hunger and increase calorie burn.

Here are 5 of those teas !

  • Green Tea
    Green tea is more popular lately, and it is considered a metabolism booster. Some people supercharge their workouts with green tea prior to GO time. Research shows that this kind of tea works to unlock your fat cells. Make green tea a habit, and you could be dropping more pounds than non-drinkers.
  • Oolong Tea
    Oolong is a Chinese lighter floral tea. The name translates to “black dragon” and this kind boosts metabolism also. Regular use daily promotes weight loss and has been linked to knocking off a pound a week kind of results.
  • Mint Tea
    Mint tea is an appetite suppressor.  The scent of peppermint wards off the munchy attacks. This flavor of tea can work to keep cravings in check which is a huge help during weight loss.
  • White Tea
    White tea is considered a “diet” tea. This tea works as a fat blocker because it prevents the formation of new fat cells. What makes white tea unique is the fact that it is the least processed of the teas. That makes it a very rich antioxidant source.
  • Rooibos Tea
    Rooibos is a South African “red bush” plant powerful tea that helps with reducing the stress hormones that work as hunger triggers. Rooibos tea also works to regulate fat-storage hormones.

Put the kettle on!
Teas also help reduce diabetes and heart disease. Who is ready for some tea?

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