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You Can Sugar Detox

You CAN definitely teach an old dog a new trick!

Sugar Detox

Are you addicted to sugar? You are not alone. Sugar is everywhere, but you can break the sweet addiction.

Sugar is all over

Research shows that most Americans consume 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. The recommended amount is 6 teaspoons a day max. Sugar is linked to making us feel tired, contributes to overweight, and makes us sick. Limiting the sugar intake makes you feel better and helps you lose weight.

I am shocked at myself for what I fed my kids and myself.

How about you?



Eating sugar gives you a feel-good high that you eventually wear off. You crash from that high. Removing sugar cravings and detoxing your body has steps.  Some people try cold turkey, but research shows that it is better done over a few weeks so the body can adjust.

Week 1

Remove the noticeable sugar

Layoff eating:

Coffee drinks, cookies, candy, juice, and sweets like donuts or cakes

All these sugars add up. Do your best not to cheat.

Week 2

Find the sneaky sugar and eliminate that!

Sugar is in a lot of things that you do not often notice. Check the labels on

Crackers, bread, peanut butter, salad dressing, pasta sauce, flavored waters, and condiments.

Week 3

Now we look at Refined Carbs

The trick here is to trade in things like white bread or pasta and switch them out for whole grain versions. This will remove the simple sugar and bring you closer to your goals!


Research says that after 8 weeks, you will actually be able to taste those sugar treats better. Your taste buds will explode. You can treat yourself once a week to some kind of sugar but don’t slip back into bad habits. Remember why you did the detox in the first place. Stay healthy!

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