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Let’s Talk Change

Change time


If you caught my blog yesterday  you know that I am excited to be beginning this blog series for everyone.  I am thrilled to be bringing insight and experience into the Miracle Morning practice.  Budda has a famous saying about time. Maybe you have heard it before? Budda believed “the trouble is that you think you have time,” but in reality we do not, so there is no time like the present to work on transforming your life because we only have one life to live.


This series is about change. It is about making the choice to change. You have the ability to change, but change takes work. Change can be a challenge for everyone.  This adventure will help you transform into the person that can do this. The process will be explained so you will be able to duplicate the activities in your own way and implement them into your morning. It is your Miracle Morning! Something will change. And change is a good result.

What to Expect

I am quite sure that you are wondering what this is all about. This is the perfect time to let you in on the plan that I have for the series since we are already on day 2. Each day I will be presenting a different component of the Miracle Morning process as well as bringing in information and my experiences from doing this before. There will be some background material and some links to other sources within the blogs also. Enhancing your understanding is key because the experience is powerful.

Questions You Might Have?

What is this all based one?

The blog is based on the amazing book The Miracle Morning and it is available of Amazon. 

Do I have to have the book?

I am going to cover as much as I can, but it is a wonderful resource and you can follow along with me. Having the book would allow you to utilize other times and places to read and contribute to your knowledge of Miracle Morning.

What else will be covered?

The set up information to do the routine will be shared over the next few days. Then I will be covering the process with you one component at a time. Each area that is reviewed will be connected to the importance of doing the steps and joining them all together because there is success shown with doing it all. This is a path to empower positive change that you want or need. What do you want to work on? The choice is yours. Miracle Morning is a vehicle and you are in the driver’s seat. Most of all, you will determine the direction, the speed, and the overall destination of your journey!

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