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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 4 doccindy


Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 4

My motto today!

My Day

Resistance 2

Burpee Press 20, 15, 10, Jump squats 20,25,30, Chin up L’s 12,10,8, Punch Pull with 8 lbs 8 both sides, 10 both sides, 12 both sides, Corkscrew Leg lift 20, 15, 10

Resistance 3

Pump Jumpers 25,20,15, Split Lunge Thrust 20,25,30, Arm Balance Row with 8 lbs 16,14,12, Mountain Squats with my 20 lb sandbag 7 each side, 9 each side, 10 each side, Scissor Clapper 50, 40, 30

Don’t tell anyone, but I am a big fan of the mountain squats, and many people do not like them at all.

Here is one of my favorite moves in Resistance 2 called Chin ups L’s and I do them with a resistance band.

My Reflection for day 4

Resistance works my legs and my upper body because I use my weights and my sandbag, but I do find that I am down steps and need to get a move on during my day.  Do yourself a favor and keep track of your steps. You are doing yourself some good by keeping track of what you do! Here is my reflection on the day.

My Supplements

Energize before each workout. Energize gives me a “tingly” feeling.  I know now that is the beta-alanine getting to work – a signal it’s appeared and elevated in my blood circulation. The tingling feeling does go away within the hour.  There are Harvard trained people that can explain this, but I just say it works for me and I don’t teach for the science or medical department. I will stick with what I know and keep using it.

Recharge after the 1st workout  Recharge is three different kinds of proteins.  According to Beachbody, “Your body digests the whey, pea, and casein proteins found in your Recover drink at different rates to provide a rapid and sustained supply of nutrients that increase post-workout muscle protein synthesis (the process required to improve muscle rebuilding and adaptation alongside your training program).”

Recover at night before bed.  Recover has 20 grams of protein and tart cherry extract. This helps me with recovery, so I won’t feel as sore from the intense workouts I did, and helps so I can go as hard the next day.

Here is what I know about using these supplements, they work. They allow me to stay more consistent and I feel the difference in my intensity when I do not use them.

I will be using Hydrate during my cardio on day 5.

My Food!

Breakfast today Steel cut oats with a dash of cinnamon and splash of honey. Blackberries and a banana (yes again, but now I am out of blackberries!)


Snack Peanuts and some Greek yogurt

Lunch Chocolate Shakeology with PB2

Snack Turkey Burger without a bun with mustard

Dinner  I was on the go, so I made a salad and took it with me. This is not a miniature baby salad. It is a big one!


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