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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 5 doccindy


Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 5

My motto today:

Practice being positive!

My Day

Yes – these do look familiar!

Cardio 2

7 exercises, 3 rounds, 22 seconds break between rounds.

T Jacks 50, 40, 30 ,  Bear Crawl 20, 25, 30, Side Lateral Shuffle 30, 25, 20, Forward Lunge Twist 10, 16, 20, Basic Burpee 25, 20, 15, A skips 30, 40, 50 , Run Lunge Squat 30, 40, 50.

Cardio 3

7 exercises, 3 rounds, and no breaks between rounds.

Spider Crawls 15,12,10, Skip Flys 30,40,50,  Cross Climbers 40.35,30,  Fast Feet Up Downs 8, 12,15, Sphinx Kickers 30,25,20, Knee Drop Lunges10,15,20, Spin Burpees 20,15,12

Core 2

V Ups, Chop Twists with 20 lb sandbag, Boda Crunch Twist, Scissor Slicer, Cobra Crunch, Kick Twist, Rock the Boat, Plank Roll, Flutter Kicks, Belly, Side, Plank.

My Spinx Kickers

I love doing these. The work my core and my legs and are a cardio move that ups my heart rate.

My Supplements

Energize I take before each workout.

Recover I had after my Cardio 2 and Core 2.

Recharge always taken right before bed.

My Food

Breakfast  Steel cut oatmeal with a dash of cinnamon and splash of honey and a banana. I do not get tired of it. This is how I take in my carbs.

Snack turkey burger ( I make several when I cook, so I can save time!)

Lunch Chocolate Shakeology with PB2


Dinner  Vegan Mac and Cheese that was awesome and the recipe is already up here !

If you have questions about the concept of Vegan I have a blog about it here.

It is very tasty and you should try it.



 My Reflection for Day 5

I talk a lot about being positive and staying positive. It is understandable that it is not always easy. For me, I had to change my mindset and make it happen for myself. It is a work in progress, but one that will ultimately be most beneficial for me. I would love to talk to you about it.


If you loved this blog, please share it, provide comments below, or reach out to me.




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