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Wake Yourself Up and Be Awesome!

Do I have to?

Why did you wake up this morning? Why do you wake up most mornings? Do you get up because you want to or just the opposite? Do you get up because you have to?

Most people, given the choice, would continue sleeping. First of all, it is not unusual for that darn alarm clock to startle you to initiate the process of dragging you out of bed while you say things under breath about the alarm. Hitting snooze is common, but that snooze is a sign of resistance. Consequently the message being sent into the universe is “that we’d rather lie there in our beds – unconscious – than consciously and actively live and create the lives we say we want” (Elrod, 2016, p. 37).

Think of the negative energy you broadcast to the universe with “I don’t want to wake up.” The message sent is “I don’t want to live my life to the fullest.” Many things make the morning time difficult. Some people dread a job or a relationship or a situation. The tone of the morning has a tremendous impact on the rest of your day.

When you wake up with passion and purpose you will be changing the outcome and bring happiness and commitment to your day. Elrod wrote that you should “set your intention to wake up each morning with a genuine desire- even enthusiasm- to do so, we can change our entire lives” (2016, p.38). There is no better time than now to start this change.

Morning Wake Up Tips

I do have to admit that I have had to do exactly all of these things to change my morning. Here are 5 tips to getting up in the morning.

In review the five tips are as follows:

  1. First set your intention the night before. This is imperative. Set yourself up to be exciting every morning. Let the morning have that Christmas or birthday excitement when you wake every day.
  2. Move that alarm clock. Place your alarm where you need to get up to get it.
  3. Brush your teeth. Go ahead brush away and even treat yourself to mouth wash. Wake up your mouth and then splash that face with water too! Hello!
  4. Drink a glass of water. Get hydrated right away. And stay hydrated all day.
  5. Dress for your workout. Yes that’s right. You will see we are going to get some exercise in during the Miracle Morning process and because of that you will be so much better for it!

It is all about setting yourself up for success with making changes that are decided, implemented, and carried out each day. Each day you repeat the process you are stepping closer to change.

Watch for the next steps in the Miracle Morning blog series and look for the previous blogs if you missed any.

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