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Tips on College Installment 1 Books!

Books for class #doccindy Tips on College

As a professor I am often asked about aspects of higher education that people want to know more about. I have taught at four different schools, so I have a vast amount of experience, as well as, I am the parent of a college student that is graduating. All these things combine to my knowledge of school. This series will explore some of the areas that I have been asked about recently. I always tell my students to not be afraid to ask questions, since someone else is probably wondering the same thing, but has not posed the question. So ask away!


My first installment is about books. When you think of school, most people think of big books. Stacks and stacks of books and large libraries. Do you need books for school?

The instructor will release information to the bookstore or make a syllabus available to the students. When you get that information, you need to determine what you need.



Where to Find Books? How can I save money?

Books are available at the College Bookstore.  New books are usually very expensive.

Search for used books at the college bookstore. It is buy back time at the end of the semester for many schools where students sell back their books for some spending cash. There are some times that shopping at the school is the only option you have, but be aware that there are more options available to you that help save money.

One way that students reduce the money spent is by renting their textbooks. This is a cheaper option that gives you the books you need. The catch is that you have to return it or you are charged more money for the book.

Digital copies of books are also more popular, which allow students to lighten their backpacks and read their books on their computer.  These can cost less than a new book.

One currently popular version of books is the loose leaf texts that you load into a 3-ring binder. These are cheaper than a fully bound book, but they are heavy and awkward since you carry around a large binder as your book.

Some Other Routes

What about Online?

If you have the exact information on the book, you can search for the version you need by inputting the ISBN number into the search bar on or

Amazon also has new books, used books, and rental books. Watch for the information about the condition of the book. Also, if you rent be sure you pay attention to the return instructions. rates their books but you have to pay even more shipping if you want the books fast. Otherwise it is media mail and rather slow at times to receive your books.

Look at all your options; the books do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You will pay out enough over the year for your student, so let’s try and save some money here. As soon as you know the semester schedule start looking around!

Watch for some more ideas in my series that will help you with understanding higher education.

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