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Silence: The 1st part of the Miracle Morning Process

The first practice in the Miracle Morning routine is silence. In reality, silence for many people is the exact opposite from what they know. We live in a fast-paced and loud world. Elrod narrowed in on the concept of Purposeful Silence. He referred to this as having life transforming power. Specifically he explained “purposeful simply means that you are engaging in a period of Silence with a highly beneficial purpose in mind – not for the heck of it” (Elrod, 2016, p. 53).

Your Morning

How would you describe your morning? Are you the run around, stressed, rushed, chaos morning type? Or are you the slow motion, lethargic, lazy morning type? A lot of us have massive errands and duties running through our heads when we wake and that lends to an aura of chaos making us feel rushed.  Still others dread the day and have trouble getting up and going. Either way is not the best way to start the day.

Silence Activities for Miracle Morning

Activities will depend on how you feel about them and which works best for you. These activities include what is in the video, but are not limited to this list below.





Deep Breathing

Each morning wake and do one of these activities or combine them and do all of them. All of these activities will relax your mind and bring a calm centered feeling to you. Elrod wrote that the purposeful silence will “allow you to be totally present and open to receiving benefits that will come from the remaining” (2016, p. 54) components in the Miracle Morning routine.


Don’t stay in bed for this. He suggested you even leave your bedroom. Get up and dressed as the Wake Up blog discussed. If you stay in bed it is too easy to move back into sleep mode. First find a spot away from the bedroom area and sit upright with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing while clearing your mind. Miracle Morning goes even deeper into this process.  Do one of the silence activities or a combination. Your Silence should last for 5 minutes as you begin the Miracle Morning process. This is the first component on your morning that is a pathway to transformation.

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