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You CAN definitely teach an old dog a new trick! doccindy 6 Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles?

Nobody wants to have sore muscles, although some say that is an active indication that your body is changing. Still, soreness is not fun, and I have learned ways to help minimize that from happening.

Check out the tips that I was able to give a student of mine and then repeated to a group of other people live!

My tips:

  1. Slow Starts
  2. Watch your Movement
  3. Hydration
  4. Post Workout Muscle Replenishment (Information is available on what I use HERE!)
  5. Do the Right Workout Program

Some Food Ideas

Muscle soreness recovery can be sped up by drinking your water and having the right foods. If you are not using supplements like I do, then you can use these food ideas for this process.

Chocolate Milk

Would you believe this favorite of many is a way to replenish the glycogen that you need in your body? This glycogen is the source that works to back up your energy reserve and will promote muscle building in the body.

Brazilian Nuts

It may be hard to understand, but these little things have super powers. These nuts have an antioxidant nutrient within them that helps your body build new tissue and works on inflammation.

Sweet Potatoes

Super carbs to the rescue!  Help your body by replenishing your energy and return your electrolytes you lost in sweat from your workout. Some people make sweet potato toast by slicing thinly! Does that sound Yummy?

Dark Greens

Greens such as collard greens are wealthy in phytochemicals. A healthy dose of dark greens can help with inflammation caused by the muscles rebuilding.

Foam Rollers!

Foam rollers are a secret weapon to know about for sure. Do you have one of these yet?

These rolling techniques are great to do after a workout. Watch for a blog on this topic in the future!

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