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You CAN definitely teach an old dog a new trick! doccindy 1 Eggs

My New Bog Series

At this point in my life, I am more aware of what I know and what I don’t know. Despite degrees that follow my name, I realize that many things are missing or forgotten in my knowledge.  They say that people who do things in a particular way over an extended period of time are not about to change. Habits are indeed habits, but I am changing. I am open to understanding new things.

You are not too old to learn something new. There is no limit to how much you can learn, and the fact is that you can still be learning no matter what your age is now. Open your mind and seek out learning situations. Take advantage of every opportunity. Knowledge comes from many different avenues.

Understanding more and using many ways to get information is how I reach these goals of education. I actively seek information, ask people, read, use the internet, and I attempt to do things. I use all the resources that I have, and sometimes learn things that I didn’t even realize I needed to know!

Egg Adventure

One day I was watching a cooking show called Fixate that is available on Beachbody on Demand. The chef started talking about eggs. I eat a lot of eggs as protein. Often I snack on them if they are hard boiled. I decided to pay attention since I often had struggled with how long to cook the eggs. I mean how much time is too much for eggs? And the peeling of the shell was always more trouble and often a mess and unsuccessful. What did I have to lose? I listened and paid attention. So much so that I even tried it!

My New Egg Practice

I just happened to have the smarts to video tape my explanation and first egg try with my new learned skill.  I am so glad that it worked! Check it out.

I use only large eggs. I do know that 12 minutes works with up to 8 eggs. If you go with extra-large eggs or more, then you will have to adjust the time.

More about Eggs

There is an ethical debate surrounding eggs, and there are new labels placed on some of the cartons. Do you know the chicken-friendly terms?

Cage-Free: This means that the hens are not in a cage. Don’t misunderstand that, though. The hens are in a large barn, and they do not go outside. It is better than being caged.

Free-Range: Hens are still in the barn, but they have access to a tiny amount of space outside. Two feet of space for them at a minimum, although that small amount gives them access to vegetation which is beneficial to them and their eggs.

Pasture-Raised:  These lucky chickens get a huge 108 square feet of an outdoor area, plus they have the indoor part too. This scenario is the most natural and healthy environment for chickens. Their eggs have the most omega-3 fatty acids and are considered the best.

So if they can’t be roaming Old McDonald’s farm like we all think they do, let’s work on finding the right answer for them and the right products for us.

Benefits of Hard Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are good source of protein for their little size, and packed with vitamins and nutrients. These eggs are on the good fat list! “Good Fat” means this is an unsaturated fat.  Eating the hard boiled eggs makes your bones stronger and improved your eye health.

My Thanks

This series idea initially came to me when I learned a new trick with boiling eggs.  This is exciting to bring this to you all. Watch for the next installments in the series.

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