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Making Use of My Fitbit Tracker

There are a lot of trackers out there doing all amazing kinds of things that help you track your daily health information.  When I set out to buy a tracker I was sold on using the Fitbit. I found out that my cousin and my neighbor had one, so I was willing to give it my allegiance to that brand.

Most fitness trackers tend to do an excellent job of helping you track your steps, they measure physical activity, your sleeping patterns can be monitored, and in some, your daily food and water intake can be logged.  Not all have the same features, but there are ways to utilize the information that you get from your daily results. I wear mine all the time!

How I use my Fitbit


Other Good Ways to Use Trackers

Track your Data

The Fitbit comes with an app that you can access on your phone, and you can get to your information on the computer also. If you are tech savvy, then you can start to create spreadsheets on your daily performance in excel or google docs. There is also a new free service I found that is called IFTTT (If This Then That). This works now with many trackers including Fitbit. IFTTT helps you share on social media and aids in downloading the information from your tracker to DropBox so that you can use that in your spreadsheets.  There are many options with this app, so you can choose what you want to do!

Compete with friends

Connect with other walkers and make a friendly game or challenge of getting the most steps or stairs in each day. There are single day contests, weekend championships, and you can compete on a work week hustle too. Tracking your steps against others brings in a competition that promotes more activity. Waking up and seeing who is leading is exciting and the contests are fun.

Getting all your data together

Some insurance companies welcome the data from your trackers and promote wellness programs based on movement tracked daily. There are also other apps that can help you consolidate your data. At the moment there is Google Fit that works. I am waiting to find a better interface because it does much of what Fitbit does already.



The most important thing is that you move. Movement throughout the day keeps you active and kicks up your heart rate which is good for you and your health. Enjoy a nice walk alone or meet up with others for a walk in the morning or evening. Get your tracker on and track those steps!



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Know Your Mountain!

I truly believe in the concept that you need to know your mountain. Honestly, I need to feel those people around me and acknowledge how they contribute to me being me. I, in turn, work hard to be there for others.

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