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Tips on College Installment 3 Writing Continued

Writing Continued #doccindy Tips on College

As a professor, I am often asked about aspects of higher education that people want to know more about. I have taught at four different schools, so I have a vast amount of experience, as well as, I am the parent of a college student that is graduating. All these things combine to my knowledge of school. This series will explore some of the areas that I have been asked about recently. I always tell my students not to be afraid to ask questions, since someone else is probably wondering the same thing, but has not posed the question.

Writing Papers Part 2


An outline is defined as an organized plan to help you draft a paper when you are writing.

The creation of an outline for your essay or paper is probably the most important task you will take when writing. The process is called scaffolding your paper, and the skeleton of your ideas aids the construction of your paper. It is considered a framework you use to write a good clean and clear paper.  To be honest, it is often hard to write papers without an outline.

If you struggle with writing the outline, consider building one as you go. The paper will take shape and be structured which is a benefit to you as a writer.

Microsoft Word

When you create a document, Word will help make sure that it is in the best shape it can be if you pay attention to the signs. When you have a misspelled a word, Microsoft Word will immediately underline it. If you are using a word that the program does not know, you can add that word. You can then click on the underlined word and get suggested spellings to make the correction. If you type a sentence with poor grammar, Word will underline the sentence for you. Also, if you do not do a complete sentence, it will underline the words. This function allows you to make the changes to the document while you are still working on it.

Watch for some more ideas in my series that will help you with understanding college.

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