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Tips on College Installment 2 Writing Format

Writing Format #doccindy Tips on College


As a professor, I am often asked about aspects of higher education that people want to know more about. I have taught at four different schools, so I have a vast amount of experience, as well as, I am the parent of a college student that is graduating. All these things combine to my knowledge of school. This series will explore some of the areas that I have been asked about recently. I always tell my students not to be afraid to ask questions, since someone else is probably wondering the same thing, but has not posed the question.

Writing Papers Part 1

My second installment is about writing papers. Most college courses require some kind of writing.  Many people also have the need to write at work. Students that are not in higher education yet have the need in high school. Writing is a major component on their college testing and applications.

The instructor will usually give information to the students about what kind of papers need to be done for their classes. The instructions are unfortunately implied in some courses. Students are left to fend for their interpretation of what the instructor wants within the paper. This leads to students having feeling of stress or reducing their confidence in their own ability.

I am happy to give some insight into some basic structure ideas that are important to your writing.


Use of this Info

Every instructor is different, but the truth is that research shows that a clean and clear paper is viewed as a better paper.

This simple formula that I explained in my video has been used by younger students. Some were doing the writing portion of the ACT or SAT. High school students also use it when they prepare their college application essays and entrance essays.

Watch for some more ideas in my series that will help you with understanding some insight into college that may just work outside of it too!

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