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Sleep: Is it overrated or really needed?

In order for the Miracle Morning process to begin each day there needs to be sleep time the night before. Sleep can aid in making you feel better. Sleep helps with boosting your mood and nobody likes the dark circles you can get under your eyes.  Getting enough sleep is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle. It can benefit your heart, your weight, your mind, and even more.

“Sleep used to be kind of ignored, like parking our car in a garage and picking it up in the morning,” according to David Rapoport, MD, director of the NYU Sleep Disorders Program. This appears to be improving now since there is more attention on it overall.

How much sleep do we need?

There is no set number of hours that equals a good night’s sleep, but there are some guidelines that doctors have developed.

Where are you on this scale of sleep? Are you in the right zone of time each night?

What are the Benefits of Sleep?

There is more information available all the time by researchers about the benefits of sleep. Here is some of what they have discovered about getting a good night’s sleep. During my first time through the Miracle Morning challenge I documented many benefits of sleep that are important to know and understand.

Info on the study I read:

This study was done in 2010 on woman 50-79 and found more deaths happened to women who got fewer than 5 hours or more than 6.5 hours of sleep a night. It really isn’t clear if it is a cause or an effect, but getting the right amount of good sleep is a great idea for your long term health!

I have an older blog done on the topic of sleep benefits that is available for you to read!

The Dalai Lama has a popular and often quoted saying about sleep. “Sleep is the best form of meditation” so let’s use that time to center and prepare for the next day!


My blog series is based on an amazing book:

 The Miracle Morning and it is available of Amazon. 

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