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You CAN definitely teach an old dog a new trick! doccindy 4 Vegan Food


The choice to be vegan is a personal one. Many who make this decision are standing on the conviction that they will not eat or use any food or products that are products of animals.  The movement is not new, but it is one that is gaining momentum.

Identifying Vegan Foods

One of the things that make finding vegan food complicated is the lack of labeling food “vegan” on the packages. There are many instances where you need to read the labels and the ingredients carefully to determine if they are in fact the right way.  Sometimes there may only be the wording “Dairy and Egg Free” as the clue that the product is vegan. You have to turn the boxes or bags over and read the list of ingredients. Watch for what the product contains because due to allergies they need to list that specifically after the ingredients. Vegans also look at notifications that the product was made in a plant where there milk or honey is used.

Honey ?

There are times when it is easy to assume that grabbing something vegan would be easy.  Let’s take a trip to the store and search for granola. My first mistake in vegan food hunting is assuming. Why wouldn’t it be vegan? This issue is most often the complication of HONEY within the granola. Debate surrounds the use of honey for vegans. Bees produce honey which makes it off limits for vegan eaters. The challenge to this is that some people believe that if you do not cultivate the honey, you are forcing the bees to die. To honey or not to honey, that is the question. In my house, the vegan says no honey.

Vegan Food that is Now Common in My Home

There are a few vegan recipes that have become regular things in the house.  Avocado is a given! Avocado toast is great, and it can be either sliced or smeared on the bread. You can also mix up the avocado with salt and pepper, a hint of lime, and a splash of olive oil. My daughter loves this.

Ice Cream! (okay not exactly but Yum)

You need: Frozen Bananas, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter (or Almond Butter), and Maple Syrup to sweeten it.  Mix away! BAM – There you go! Yum!

Eating Out

There are more Vegan restaurants lately than in the past, and some places have vegan options. Other places do not call things vegan, so you have to hunt through menus for what is safe for a vegan. There are a few places that will look at you strangely if you ask for a vegan option. You get used to it. An alternative option is plant-based recipes, but those also create raised eyes in many places.


These are the snacks that I have here. They are also what I send to my vegan daughter to have in her backpack as snacks for her days at college. I have tried to show you the costs that are local to the Chicago area for these products. The prices may look high next to a typical comparison product, but you get what you pay for, and I want to be sure that my daughter has what she wants and needs.

Also, my daughter uses Vegan Shakeology. She is very fond of the chocolate flavor. She not only drinks it, but she makes pudding too. I have also made her brownies with it. It is hard not to love them. I would be happy to share those recipes with you.

Being vegan isn’t new; it is just becoming more common now. Having said that it is still some work to get everything needed in our kitchen for our vegan kid.

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