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You CAN definitely teach an old dog a new trick! doccindy 2 Booty Work

Booty Work has Benefits!

Did you know that the more you work that booty, the more your body benefits both inside and out? This is the 2nd installment of my new learning for you. The more you know! To crush those squats you have to get prepared.

Always Start with a Warm up

Every day I make sure to do these exercises to rev up the action so I am better equipped to get my lower body work done.

I start with Clamshell, then hip extensions, followed by fire hydrants, and finish with glute bridges.

Benefits of Butt Work

Here are four important reasons to make that booty work. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Shape that Rear

It is vital that you engage your rear when you are squatting. Without activating the rear, you can squat away for weeks without achieving the results you are working on and want.  To get the better results, you need to use those glutes and challenge them.  The bigger that challenge, the more your muscles will benefit with over time. You can read more about squats on my blog.

Less Back Pain

During your workout, you rely on your glutes when you work the hips, legs, and pelvis. Your rear plays a crucial role in relieving stress on your lumbar spine.  Without working those glutes, you may end up with lower back issues.

Eased Knees

Research shows that a weakness in the glutes can produce problems with the knees.  Specifically, the knees can experience pressure in the kneecaps area which then leads to foot issues, thigh issues, or hip issues. Too many things can go wrong here.

Straighter Posture

The stronger the rear, the more inline the hips and body can be. Glutes that are not engaged and active can cause an imbalance that affects the hip flexors and pelvis. Ultimately that imbalance can lead to curvature of the spine.

Get your Lower Body work on!

You aren’t going to get the rear you want just by sitting on it, and your whole body appreciates the work!

I have many ideas to help you that will all work to lengthen and strengthen your muscles including your glutes!

If you loved this blog, please share it, provide comments below, or reach out to me.

Watch for the next installments in the series.


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