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Miracle Morning Routine doccindy Final Installment

My Miracle Morning

This one is the blog where I talk about The Miracle Morning routine.  In September I decided it was time to use the Miracle Morning routine to jump start my day.  My path then continued into October. Without a doubt, I have seen results and changes and positives.  I made a choice. Will you make a choice too?

Why did I do the book Miracle Morning?

As I stated getting up in the morning was not easy and, in fact, I was down and not believing in myself at the time I decided to start the Miracle Morning. I picked September to start because that month has always been a time of change with beautiful fall time colors and weather. It is a period of change for me since it is my birth month. I felt this month was the perfect time to start. I wanted to change and needed to feel better about myself and my situation.

The Process

I will honestly admit I had to get used to doing these steps, but they became easier within one week of doing them. They almost feel like they become second nature and should feel that way! I did have the book handy and referred to it constantly. The book seemed like the backbone to my change. It gave me the promise of transformation, and I made it deliver.

My Process Broken Down

Silence – I did prayers. You have a choice, and I am exploring meditation now.

Affirmations – I am a big positive affirmation believer. This part certainly was a fun part of my morning and continued throughout my days.

Visualization – I built my dream board and focused on it. I also make sure to feel a connection to everything that I want.

Exercise – I know this seems a no-brainer for me. It wasn’t really. I made a commitment to do my morning routine outside of my regular workout. I can’t say enough good things about the 3 week Yoga Retreat as my choice. It made the most sense and produced the best results for me in the morning. I was able to work on mindfulness and have the benefit of working on my strength and flexibility.

Reading – I loved taking the time to read and felt empowered by reading about Grace and Gratitude. It truly helped me connect to everything in my world. I appreciate things more, and I acknowledge things happening and understand there is a reason for everything.

Scribing – I write a lot as a professor, so I did not want to specifically journal. I did find that creating a gratitude journal was the perfect answer for me. I find strength and empowerment by giving thanks for everything that I have and also for things that happen.

Every day I got up and did this. Each day I made it more and more my routine and set up my way to succeed.


You have the choice when you wake up of what to do. The change you need could be here. What are you waiting for now?

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