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Goal Setting

How are you going to set yourself up for success without knowing what your goals are now and how you are going to reach them? You need a plan. Creating your plan is an integral part of achieving what you want.

Miracle Morning

The aim of doing the Miracle Morning routine is to help you achieve more in your day. It is a process that places the goals and dreams that you have straight in the front and center for you every day. It gets you excited to work for these goals. But to get to these goals, you have to work.  To work you need a plan. So how do we set up a plan?

Setting up A Good Action Plan

You wouldn’t dream of taking a road trip without a destination or a map. Why would you treat your goals any differently? Use the following steps to identify your goals and give structure to your action plan.

Step 1

Review the following components of a good action plan:

Be sure it identifies individual needs now that are in alignment with your overall needs.

Also watch that it includes reflection as part of your personal growth.

Finally, it is a good idea that it includes documentation of the outcomes to build a strong portfolio of your accomplishments and drive you to newer action plans.

Step 2

Smart Goals

Begin planning by clarifying your goal. Is your goal “S.M.A.R.T.?”

Step 3

Set up your actions goals on paper.

Here is a copy of the template that I have created. That is my gift to you.


Step 4

Decide on strategies/activities to help you accomplish your goals such as:

Reach me as a coach to work with you

*Research indicates that working with others will enhance your learning.

Do personal development reading

Keep a log or journal of your activities

Step 5

Evaluate your plan

Do your goals and your plan reflect your needs?

Does your plan involve new learning & personal growth in some way for you, and not just time and effort?

Are your goals clear?

Does your plan include time for reflection followed by appropriate adjustments?

Step 6

Reflect early and often.

Consider keeping a log or journal as you go; don’t wait until the end to identify your progress.

Step 7

GO!!! Get your plan in action and get it done. Then move to the next steps.


Goals setting and being SMART about it is key.  Follow the steps and reach me for help.

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