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The Miracle Morning routine takes the choice to start it. Are you sitting there thinking yeah that would be something I should try? But after those thoughts will you act on this? Do you find yourself going to start something and not committing to it or putting it off? That is procrastination.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the voluntary delay of an intended action despite the knowledge that this delay will harm the individual in terms of the task performance or even just how the individual feels about the task or him- or herself (Pychyl, 2010, p. 2). To sum that up, procrastination is an unnecessary voluntary delay.

Realistically delay is normal in everyone’s lives. It is something that does occur. When they happen, we must make a decision.  You have a choice of what to do, and you make the decision that works best for you. Procrastination is a different kind of delay. Your choice here is very deliberate, and you know that you could act, yet you put it off. There is reluctance, and it is your reluctance.

What Are the Myths about Procrastination?

(Yes, I took this video right after my workout in my Miracle Morning!)

The summary includes seven myths that I just presented to my students to help them understand why not to put off doing their finals papers and projects. I also go over time management for all the students, and I have presented that several times at conferences for students but it translates to everyone also. Check out my Time Management group!


I am available to help you with this. There are also books that I have used and can recommend.  In fact, one of these books is on the reading list for my VIP group that I have starting in April. Click the book title to see more information about the books.

Eat That Frog

Solving The Procrastination Puzzle

If Not Now, When?

Connecting Procrastination to Miracle Morning

Why are you putting off the start to Miracle Morning? The choice to change is yours to make. The routine will transform you and create successful habits. These practices will help you control your procrastinating. Is this one of your delays?

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