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Miracle Morning Choices

The Miracle Morning routine was created to help people change habits. According to Elrod, “if a person is living a successful life, then that person simply has the habits in place that are creating and sustaining their levels of success” (2016, p. 101). If you are not at that success level, then you need to commit to putting the right habits in place. The Miracle Morning process is one that set you up for confidence and achievement in your day.

The Original Miracle Morning

The series for Miracle Morning started with the original book.  My choice was to start with the original book so that I could understand the process and grow with it. I am a creature of habit, and I wanted to get the components down and experience them for myself. My understanding of myself increased through this adventure. I found it a challenge and yet so simple to complete daily.

Miracle Morning

What is your Specialty?

The series for Miracle Morning has expanded. Transforming your life is the basis for the original, but there have been additional books added. Each new book has a very particular focus and aims to help you grow, and in turn, the books seek to enhance a business area or a personal situation for you. There are several to choice from now.

Here is the path I took.

Here are the rest of the books. Click the written underlined title for each book for information.

Miracle Morning for Network Marketers

Hal Elrod, Pat Petrini and Honoree Corder made this book available in 2015.

The use of the Network Markers edition has the same process as the original book with a twist to setting up success in your business. There are areas within the book that you can see how very successful people utilize components of the Miracle Morning. The key to this book is that once you finish with your morning start, there are suggestions to implement the rest of your day that will impact your business if you follow through. The habits then are in need of repetition just as the process you are using in the morning. This book gives you a method for your business that can advance your skills and carry you into your practice. You can also train your team to do the same things.

Miracle Morning Real Estate

Hal Elrod, Michael Maher, Michael Reese, Jay Kinder and Honoree Corder produced this version in 2014.

Specifically, this is another specialized publication dealing specifically with realtors. Many people in the real estate business have their own business, and their success depends on their motivation to reach people and get referrals.  The morning routine is similar to the way in the other books.  This one starts with the process that works for the individual. Then this book goes into the practice and utilizes giants in the industry that use this and have seen success. They, in turn, share best practices and insight for your real estate business.

I know several people that have used this edition. My hope is that it helps them expand awareness of themselves and also increases their business!

Miracle Morning Salespeople

Hal Elrod, Ryan Snow, and Honoree Corder wrote this edition in 2015.

The sales version shows similarity to the other book releases. Many people involved with sales have to have control of their careers and have fantastic interpersonal skills to make the sales. Working the Miracle Morning process then increases self-confidence and acts as personal development. Stories and situations from a top sales agent are in the book. Information includes techniques and practices to grow your sales.

Miracle Morning Entrepreneurs  

Hal Elrod, Cameron Herold, and Honoree Corder created this version in 2016.

Much like the others, this begins with the standard practice in the morning. The difference in this is the concentration of information from Cameron Herold who is considered a widely known expert and author in the entrepreneur field. More and more people are going into their own business and seeking this advice early in your career would be beneficial. Developing your entrepreneur mindset is the focus of this book.

Miracle Morning Writers

Hal Elrod, Honoree Corder, Steve Scott, and S.J. Scott wrote the book in 2016.

I have this version. I often lend it to some of my graduate students. The practice is laid out the same with the morning routine. The goal of this book is to help writers find the pockets of time they have that they are not using to write.  Increasing your word count, free writing, and learning about publishing is included. This book is a power packed version for anyone who wants or needs to write.

Miracle Morning for Parents and Families

Hal Elrod, Lindsay McCarthy, Mike McCarthy, and Honoree Corder wrote this in 2016.

The focus of the book is to have the morning ritual that promotes self-confidence and allows you to be more present in your role in the home and with the family. With the help of successful known homeschoolers, the family part, as the center of the home, is explained. Many ideas about parenting are written and placing these into practice benefits not only you and your spouse but your children also.

Miracle Morning Relationships  

Hal Elrod, Honoree Corder, Stacey Martino, and Paul Martino wrote this newer edition in February of 2017.

This book engages in the morning routine and has a focus on understanding yourself. The book then goes into explaining and advancing your understanding of women and men. Building the interpersonal relationships and communication that sparks the flame back into lives is the cornerstone of the book. Get ready to work on a better relationship and discover how to bring the passion and spark into play. Change is the goal here.

Newest Version

The Miracle Morning for College Students: The Not-So-Obvious Secrets to Success in College and in Life Kindle Edition

Hal Elrod and Natalie Janji and Honoree Corder wrote the book this year.  This book is in presale now. This version will be an exciting addition to the series. I am a professor I am anxious to see what material they present within it.

As you can see here, you do have choices. So what is your next move? Are you ready to transform? Continue checking out my blog series as I explain more about the Miracle Morning routine and your ability to change from using it.



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