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Making the Miracle Morning Routine Fit

Making the Miracle Morning routine fit into your life can be different for everyone.  I have gone over ideas about the morning that included the Miracle Morning steps. I have also talked about sleep, starting your day, change, waking up, self-reflection, and getting ready. While it is called a morning routine and has seen success with early morning risers, it is very obvious that not everyone has the same schedule. Miracle Morning is done when you wake up, so if you work 2nd shift or 3rd shift (or any shift) and have a different pattern of sleep, you will start then. What about the night owls who sleep until noon? Then they start then!

Use “Your” Morning

Many people doing the Miracle Morning routine focus their process on their current goals and highlighted dreams. The steps you take each morning “are ideal for improving your ability to stay focused on your goals and accelerating the rate at which you make progress towards your dreams” (Elrod, 2016, p. 96). The best practice then is to align your affirmations directly to your goals and dreams. Emphasizing on the affirmations strengthens your intensity and improves the priority to you. Read them aloud and hear yourself. Listen and feel what you are saying. Visualization can also enhance the process and make your goals and dreams more vivid to you. The connection between the process elements will flow through you empowering you to achieve your goals and dreams.


The question is: To Miracle Morning on the weekend or not to Miracle Morning on the weekend?

Changing up Your Miracle Morning

Some people prefer things to be the same. Other people need new and exciting things to happen. As you start the miracle morning, it will be all new. As you continue into a few months of this, you may want to change up your practice. You need to start to make that decision. And you also need to let this routine work and be open to the change of doing it. You can always do a different Silence or Scribing activity in the future months. Your goals and dreams may alter some so you can regroup and set them up in your process to succeed!

Continue checking out my blog series as I explain more about the Miracle Morning routine and your ability to transform from using it.

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