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Scribing: The 6th part of the Miracle Morning Process

Scribing is the sixth practice in the Miracle Morning routine.  This is a fancy older word for writing. The mean the same thing. They both mean getting words down on paper. Elrod wrote that scribing “enables you to document your insights, ideas, breakthroughs, realizations, successes, and lessons learned, as well as any areas of opportunity, personal growth, or improvement” (2016, p. 81). The slate is clean, so write away!

To Journal or Not to Journal

It really makes the most sense to initiate a journal for your Miracle Morning scribing process. Once you agree that this is definitely what you will be doing you have some other things to consider.

First, are you going to journal in a traditional journal or are you going to adventure to the digital world of journaling? This comes down to either actually writing by hand or typing. Where does your comfort lie with this? You will need to decide.

Second, choose your journal. You can go very fancy with old fashion journals or very modern with graphic journals. Whatever pulls you toward writing is the one to use. Personally, I opted for a frugal route and converted it to be my journal. I was able to get my journals rather cheap and I have no fear of messing up the pages. I, myself, would be scared to write in an expensive journal.

Electronic Journals

There are apps and websites for journaling.  Each has their own individual strengths.

Lastly, figure out what you are going to be writing about each day. There are an infinite number of things that you can write about. Some people keep exercise journals or food journals, while others literally journal their whole day to hold as a memory. You can do a dream journal or gratitude journal or worship journal.  I have seen goal journals that highlight goals and what actions are being taken to achieve them, and I have seen lesson journals full of what lessons have been learned every day in life. The options are yours.

My Journaling

I truly enjoy writing out my gratitude and then reading it daily. I find it makes me feel the gratitude in a wider way. There are many reasons to journal. Watch for an upcoming blog on the benefits of journaling in this series.

Scribing in your Miracle Morning routine is for 5 minutes every day. This is done after you complete the Silence, the Affirmation, the Visualization, the exercise, and the reading portions. These steps combine to complete the process you will use in the morning.


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