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Exercise: The 4th part of the Miracle Morning Process

Exercise is the fourth practice in the Miracle Morning routine.  When you get up in the morning you have to also get your body up and ready for the day. This morning exercise should be non-negotiable every morning.  This is not mindless exercise time that you just follow through without thinking. Your focus is necessary during this physical fitness.

Some Benefits of Morning Exercise

  1. You will wake up your body. Getting the oxygen flowing and the heart pumping is great for the body.
  2. You will boost your metabolism. The morning is the best time to do this.
  3. You get a healthier mindset. Morning fitness sets up your day in a positive way and helps you be more mindful of your health throughout your day.
  4. Morning workouts lift your mental health and you reap the benefits by completing it. Your mind will be clearer with greater attention and you will feel recharged and ready for the day.
  5. Sleeping at night will be improved. Fitness and exercise go together and they both impact each other. Your body needs sleep for good workouts and your workout will benefit from a good night of sleep.

There can be many more benefits such as the intrinsic motivation of completing your Miracle Morning routine each day and knowing that you got some physical fitness in each day. This places you on a path of making a habit change! This takes strong discipline and something that you can be proud of doing.

What kind of Exercise?

The question is raised about what kind of exercise to do. That is completely up to you. My suggestion is to go with your own choice.  You can do a random list of calisthenics like jumping jacks and push-up, but Elrod suggested even following a fitness program in your home.

Initially, when I first began the Miracle Morning routine I was doing a cardio warm up for 20 minutes. This definitely got my heart pumping and increased my steps for the day (which is a bonus for anyone tracking steps) however, I started questioning the early morning cardio. I opted instead for starting my day with yoga. Switching to yoga brought a more calm approach to my workout. I found yoga very beneficial to centering my mind and stretching out my body for the day. It felt empowering to practice mindfulness and work on my balance. I was able to carry that throughout my day.

Here is a peek into me holding a balance pose !

Fueling Up?

With any exercise, it is best to have some kind of fuel, but realistically it does vary from person-to-person.  It depends on what kind of exercise you are doing and how your body reacts to it. You may need to experiment with this some. Longer and more strenuous works will most likely require some kind of fuel. Consider a banana or some natural orange juice as a start. Judge how your stomach feels to help you decide. You can have breakfast after you finish your Miracle Morning routine.

Do exercise in your Miracle Morning routine for 20 minutes every day. This is done after you complete the Silence, the Affirmation, and the Visualization portions. These steps will combine with the upcoming steps so watch for them as we proceed through the routine.


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