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Incorporating Resistance Bands into Your Training

Often seen as an easier exercise or beginner’s workout, resistance bands can be great for experienced lifters as well. These power packed elastic tubes provide many benefits that can add a new dynamic to any workout routine. Resistance bands are not meant to completely replace free weights but add a new twist to your workouts. Bands can be added to most free weight exercises to produce resistance not only on the concentric (way up) and also on the eccentric (way down). Here are a few of the benefits resistance bands can bring and how to incorporate them into your everyday workouts:

Increased Flexibility – Using resistance bands instead of free weights allows your joints and muscles to have a larger range of motion throughout the lift which will help to increase your flexibility. They can also be used in smaller resistance levels to accomplish pre-workout and post workout stretches.

Increased FlexibilityIncreased Control – With free weight exercises, it is very easy to lose form and control of the weights. To gain muscular strength, you have to push your body to higher levels and when you do, it is important to keep proper form and safety. By using resistance bands you can remain confident about controlling the weight/resistance and keep yourself safe.

Increased ControlFunctionality – We all know how tough it can be to stay committed to your workout routine when things like vacation, kids, and life in general find a way to interrupt your schedule. Free weights cannot be packed into a suitcase and taken across the country. Again, we do not want to completely toss aside the benefits free weights can bring to us but on days that we cannot fit free weights into our routine, resistance bands are a fantastic way to continue making muscular gains.


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