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How Do You Start Your Day?

Are you dragging yourself out of bed and standing like a zombie waiting for your cup of coffee? Do people call you Grumpy in the morning? Or do people run the other way when they see you first thing?

That is definitely what used to happen in my house. It was always “stay away from mom… she is not a morning person.” I honestly think that I hid behind not being a morning person for many years! I was always fine if I woke up on my own, but don’t (JUST DON’T) wake me up!

According to Joel Olsteen, life begins each morning. I took that saying and put it to use. I decided that I was going to change. I wanted to pick up myself and not only get my day going right, but change the outlook I had. I wanted to bring about a positive outlook to carry through my day. I wanted to be better.

30 Day Challenge

In September of last year I took the challenge to wake up early and participate in the Miracle Morning experience. I was a skeptic and I was not sold on potential or the process. Nevertheless I committed and did 30 days of this challenge. Great things happened during this experience. Without going into full details now (stay tuned for my next blogs), I found some success professionally and personally and even carried a smile wider than ever from this experience. I felt change.

I documented by video and posts in September with what I was doing and many people were intrigued. I am more than ready to share this powerful process and even show the highs and lows of my first experience with this throughout the journey. This journey is exciting and I would love company.

Are you ready to change the way you begin and start your day so that you have a running head start to your day and a path to improvement?

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