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Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 1 doccindy



Hell Week 22 minutes Hard Corps Day 1

My motto today!

Today was the day to start my Hell Week. I set goals and push myself to achieve these goals to increase my self-confidence and show myself that I can do what I set out to do. Truth is that I do need to challenge myself. Honestly, I had issues in my past when I was held to limitations and told that I was not going to be anything. I have proved this wrong by getting my doctorate, but I still continue to do positive personal development and bring myself to a better place with challenges.

My reflection of Day 1 is here:

Thanks for watching my video!

The Day Unfolded Like This!

Day 1 today in 22 minutes Hard Corps is Cardio 1, Core 1, and Cardio 2. I began by eating right and then when it was GO time I did my pre-workout drink of Energize.  I have a few more friends doing this with me and some friends cheering me on. This all helps.

Today looked like this:

Cardio 1

This is the first workout of the program, and while it works you, it is not the most intense of the series. I enjoyed doing this one and was happy to start with it.

There are 7 different exercises done in 3 rounds. You complete one set for each and then go to the rest of the six.  I have added the number of reps that I did each round.  In some rounds, the number increases, and other times it decreases.

T Jacks 50, 40, 30 ,  Bear Crawl 20, 25, 30, Side Lateral Shuffle 30, 25, 20, Forward Lunge Twist 10, 16, 20, Basic Burpee 25, 20, 15, A skips 30, 40, 50 , Run Lunge Squat 30, 40, 50.

22 seconds brakes between rounds helped. I did water with the workout.

Bonus Round 22 Bear Crawls and 22 burpees at the Oh Yes He Did!


Core 1

11 reps each

V Ups, Chop Twists with 20 lb sandbag, Boda Crunch Twist, Scissor Slicer, Cobra Crunch, Kick Twist, Rock the Boat, Plank Roll, Flutter Kicks, Belly, Side, Plank.

Rock the Boat actually were tough today but I did them. They are hard to stick, but I will get them next time!

The Cardio 1 and Core 1 totaled 1247 steps in 26 active minutes.

I followed my first workout with my post workout Recover and some peanuts to eat.

An hour later I went back to work on my challenge.

Cardio 2

7 exercises with 3 rounds

Sprint in place 60, 50, 40, Mountain Climbers 30, 40, 50, Straight leg Sprint 50, 40, 30, Gorilla Crawl 16, 20, 26, Jimmy Jumps 50, 40, 30, Water bug 15, 20, 25, Frog Burpees 25, 20, 15.

Water bugs have been better. By the last round they were tough.

There were 22 seconds brakes between rounds again and this is more intense than Cardio 1. For this workout I did Hydrate with the workout. I felt that I needed to be sure I was replacing things in my body because I was working up a big sweat.

Cardio 2 was a total of 1129 steps in 25 active minutes.

Food Intake


Steel cut oats with a dash of cinnamon and splash of honey. Blackberries and a banana

Snack peanuts with my Recover

Lunch Chocolate Shakeology with PB 2

Snack Vegan waffle with applesauce

Dinner, tonight at work, was Spinach salad with tomato, 4 eggs, and some cranberries.  I used balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the salad.

Water today was 80 ounces.

I am ending my day with Recharge to give my body a quick start repair so I can start tomorrow.

I don’t do this myself. My secret is that I use my supplements to get more out of my body and recover faster also. In addition, I need as much support as I can get. Day 1 is done but day 2 is on the way.

Frog Burpees                                                          Gorilla Crawls

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